Balbin water

From the Balbin spring in Brno, this natural mineral water, due to its taste and quality, ranks among the best in Europe.

"Balbin is a very brisk and light, energetic, natural artesian water with a delicate and refreshing taste. It is full-bodied, characterful, well-proportioned and distinctive. It has a delightful rounded flavour, distinguished structure and enduring aftertaste. It is a dynamic water, stimulating to the senses."

Pavel Winter Sommelier, Aqua sommelier
voda Balbin

Locally sourced

From the depths of the underground artesian lake straight into the glass vessel, without the touch of technology.

Exceptional in composition

Optimal mineral levels and pH 7.8 guarantee enriching effects on the body and mind.

Delicate and fresh in taste, ideal for daily consumption

Suitably accompanies dishes and wines from haute and sophisticated gastronomy.

Respectful to nature

Returnable glass packaging emphasises sustainability, elegance and detail.

Fine dining

Natural artesian water, lightly mineralised with a fresh elegant taste for a better quality of life

Its mild, mineralised, fresh and crisp taste makes it a perfect match for dishes and wines of a premium category. Its designer bottle encasement, fine tuned to every detail, enhances the whole experience.

Fine dining
Balbin gastro, fine dining
Balbin voda, logo


ᛚ: Laguz Rune

The logo integrates a reversed number one, a symbol meaning ‘water’ or ‘lake’, the force of nature that gives vital power to all life. The uniqueness of the Balbin logo is reflected not only in its meaning, but also in its production process. The logo on each bottle is kiln-fired from real gold at 600 degrees celsius. Elegance, beauty, harmony, lightness and balance, on the surface and within, this is Balbin.

The exclusive logo was designed and developed by Kamil Kosman.

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Balbin is a member ofThe Fine Water Society

The FWS is a community of unprocessedwaters of exceptional quality, aesthetic,and tasteful character. Fine Waters arelimited in distribution and like wine,have a terroir and unique heritage thatgrant it a luxury value.

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