Fine dining

Balbin water is especially apt for gastronomy, where it finds a wide and varied application

Thanks to its well-laid taste and character, it is a superb match for dishes and wines of high-end and sophisticated gastronomy, which place the highest demands on the quality of the ingredients, their preparation and processing, as well as the standard and method of serving.

Původ vody Balbin

Flavour profile

Balbin is...

6–8 °C

The ideal serving temperature of Balbin is between six and eight degrees Celsius

At this temperature, water presents itself at its best. If served too cold, it can overpower fine foods and wines as well as lose its minerality. The benefit of Balbin is its encasement. The water is contained in thick-walled glass bottles which not only have a great design, but will maintain the desired temperature when consumed for a longer period of time.

About Balbin

Water sommelier Pavel Winter

Původ vody Balbin

Pavel Winter

Sommelier, aqua sommelier

I started my professional career at the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague, which was at the time the mecca of gastronomy and hospitality. However, I enjoyed real gastronomic heaven at the Alcron Hotel, where I worked for 5 years as the Restaurant Manager & Sommelier. Following this, I was an F&B operations manager at the Mandarin Oriental in Prague for 8 years. My lifelong passion is tasting, finding flavours in beverages and determining the best combinations with selected dishes. As an aqua sommelier, I am also dedicated to popularising the drinking of quality water, recognizing its flavours and its important role not only in fine dining but also in everyday consumption.

BALBIN and wine

Harmonious pairing

When served together, water should ideally be the same temperature as, or slightly higher than, the wine. Balbin pairs very well with fresh, vigorous dry white wines, as well as more mature, full-bodied, richly structured ones. It is also ideal in combination with more delicate, elegant, and fruity red wines. Excellent flavour melding occurs with dry sparkling wines, a combination resulting in a pleasant and appealing saltiness that invites you to drink more, again and again. 

Voda Balbin ve vyšší gastronomii
Původ vody Balbin


Balbin: A neutralising agent

The quality of Balbin water and its fresh taste are reflected in its excellent neutralising effects on taste buds, making it an indispensable partner for degustation. 

After swallowing Balbin, you may notice a very slight and unobtrusive sensation of a fine calcium film on the back of your tongue, which sticks there for a fraction of a second. Ensuing is a resonance of subtle ferrous notes of magnesium which suddenly fade into the distant aftertaste.The result is an effect where the water pleasantly subdues and elegantly covers sharper, hot and spicy flavours of strong dishes. Balbin water also matches with other dishes, optimally complementing them with its refined composition.