Protected by nature

The water naturally springs up in Moravia, in the heart of the Brno highlands, from an artesian deep well called Balbín spring. The inherent features of the underground lake guarantees the water’s stable quality and 100% preservation from any harmful influences. Ozonation, a process which consists of aerating the water with oxygen, is used to help achieve Balbin’s full potential. In this treated form, oxygen molecules bind together more effectively and subsequently, eliminate toxins from the body.

Původ vody Balbin
voda balbin barely


Locally hand-bottled

Balbin water is hand-bottled on-site of its source, in glass, and comes into minimal contact with other materials, preserving its value, freshness, vibrancy and taste. Local provenance and proximity to the consumers ensure the final products authenticity and trustworthiness.

Who am I?

I am Balbin, artesian water


An indispensable companion

Its protected origin, prudent manual processing and ecological packaging, make Balbin an indispensable companion for a modern and conscious lifestyle. Given that our body consists of around sixty percent of water, it is not only important to consider what we eat but also what we drink. The exceptional and healing nature of Balbin water is underscored by its optimal mineral level and balanced pH value.

Voda Balbin, kojenecká kvalita


Perfectly balanced

pH 7,8

An appropriate body pH is the key to health. The human organism should maintain a balance between acids and bases to ensure optimal functioning.

(Recommended values 6.5-9.5.)

Magnesium (Mg) 23,9 mg/l

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates the heart rhythm, and protects nerves.

(Recommended value 20-30 mg/l.)

Calcium (Ca) 64,8 mg/l

The body needs calcium not only for healthy tooth and bone growth, but also for the regulation of the cardiac system and support of the blood clotting process.

(Recommended value 40-80 mg/l.)

voda Balbin
Nitrates (NO3) 1,08 mg/l

Higher concentrations of nitrate can cause very serious health problems, with the most sensitive part of the population being infants, pregnant women and people with metabolic disorders. In nature, completely unaffected by human civilization, the presence of nitrate reaches up to 2 mg/l.

(The maximum permitted value is 50 mg/l.)

Iron (Fe) 0,06 mg/l

Iron plays an important role in the transfer of oxygen to the brain, heart and other vital organs.

(Max. permissible value 0,20 mg/l.)

Total organic carbon (TOC) 0,15 mg/l

This parameter is indicative of the total amount of organic matter in the water, serving as a non-specific indicator of its quality. Water with high TOC is absolutely unsuitable for consumption.

(Maximum permitted value 5 mg/l.)


Drinking regimen with Balbin

“Balbin water ideally supports a daily drinking regime, which is important for the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to its exceptional composition, Balbin has health-enhancing effects even for the youngest of infants (parameters of baby water). Its properties are regularly measured, monitored and evaluated on the basis of hygienic analyses. Optimal levels of calcium, magnesium and iron support the natural healing processes in the body.

Voda Balbin

Children are highly sensitive to the taste of water but they will easily take a liking to the flavour of Balbin, repeatedly reaching for more of its pleasant characteristics. Balbin water can thus ideally replace and displace sweetened and flavoured drinks from their daily drinking.”

Pavel Winter Sommelier, Aqua sommelier